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Shanghai Kuilai Chemical Co., Ltd.
Country:  China (Mainland)
Business Type:  Trading Company
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Street:  Room 201 W Block, 118 Hezhan Road, Logistics Industrial Park, Shanghai Chemical Industry Zone
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Kuilai Chemical Co., established in 1993, It is a private enterprise engaging in various chemical raw materials. The company has six departments: chemical department I, chemical department II, chemical department III, chemical department IV, chemical department V and storage department. At present, the company owns more than 100 employees, has warehouse area covering 15,000 sqm, and 6 storage tanks covering 920 cubic meter.. We are proud to partner with hundreds of companies to help them make the best products in the world at the lowest possible cost. We offer expertise in chemical distribution, food and dairy sanitation, food ingredients, organic processing, liquid sulfur salts, water treatment, foam control, and compliance management. In addition to industrial chemical distribution, our specialty products are used in many of the   Click for details>>
  • Iron(III) pyrophosphate cost Purchase 10058-44-3(10058-44-3)

    Iron(III) pyrophosphate cost Purchase 10058-44-3

    CAS No.:10058-44-3

  • copper,selenium cost Purchase 20405-64-5(20405-64-5)

    copper,selenium cost Purchase 20405-64-5

    CAS No.:20405-64-5

  • Ammonium Tungsten Oxide Hydrate distributor Order 12028-48-7(12028-48-7)

    Ammonium Tungsten Oxide Hydrate distributor Order 12028-48-7

    CAS No.:12028-48-7

  • Iron(III) pyrophosphate Manufacture Buy 10058-44-3(10058-44-3)

    Iron(III) pyrophosphate Manufacture Buy 10058-44-3

    CAS No.:10058-44-3

  • NICKEL TIN OXIDE cost Order 12035-38-0(12035-38-0)

    NICKEL TIN OXIDE cost Order 12035-38-0

    CAS No.:12035-38-0

  • RUBIDIUM TUNGSTATE supplier Order 13597-52-9(13597-52-9)

    RUBIDIUM TUNGSTATE supplier Order 13597-52-9

    CAS No.:13597-52-9

  • diazanium,hydrogen arsorate Manufacture Order 7784-44-3(7784-44-3)

    diazanium,hydrogen arsorate Manufacture Order 7784-44-3

    CAS No.:7784-44-3

  • SODIUM TITANATE cost Purchase 12034-36-5(12034-36-5)

    SODIUM TITANATE cost Purchase 12034-36-5

    CAS No.:12034-36-5

  • Praseodymium(Iii) Sulfate Octahydrate Manufacture Order 13510-41-3(13510-41-3)

    Praseodymium(Iii) Sulfate Octahydrate Manufacture Order 13510-41-3

    CAS No.:13510-41-3

  • Cobalt Silicide (Metals Basis) cost Order 12017-12-8(12017-12-8)

    Cobalt Silicide (Metals Basis) cost Order 12017-12-8

    CAS No.:12017-12-8

  • praseodymium(3+),trichloride,hexahydrate Manufacture Buy 17272-46-7(17272-46-7)

    praseodymium(3+),trichloride,hexahydrate Manufacture Buy 17272-46-7

    CAS No.:17272-46-7

  • FERROUS ARSENATE cost Order 10102-50-8(10102-50-8)

    FERROUS ARSENATE cost Order 10102-50-8

    CAS No.:10102-50-8